How To Be Successful in Changing A Bicycle Tube

How To Be Successful in Changing A Bicycle Tube

Changing a tube on a bicycle can be quite a challenge. What looks to be a simple easy task can turn into a bewildering job. With these simple easy steps we can get you to change your tire like a real champion.

Take Off The Wheel

The first step is of course taking off the wheel on your bicycle. There are two different types of fasteners that is used to hold a rim on a bicycle: quick release or nuts, is used.

Right Side Image is a standard nut and left side image is quick release

For a Nut you will need two wrenches either a size 15mm or 16mm. The standard size is 15mm. One of the wrenches should be a open end and the other a closed end. Attatch the closed end wrench to one of the bolts and hold, this will give you some leverage when loosening the bolt. Use the other wrench to loosen the bolt turn the wrench counter clockwise to loosen. Just loosen enough to slide the wheel off of the frame.

For quick release no tools are needed, simply pull the long handle downwards and turn the handle counter clock wise while holding on to the knob at the other side of the hub.

Remove The Tire Using Pedro’s Tire Levers

Start by removing the tire from the rim. This task can be done by using tire tools that is inserted between the rim and the tire. Our tire tool of choice is a pair of simple Pedro tire levers due to the fact they are inexpensive, durable, and gets the job done.

Be sure to take a pen or a marker whatever will show up better on your tire and mark where your valve stem is on your tire this will help determine where the object that caused your flat.

Insert one lever between the tire and rim on each side of the tire. Hold one of the levers in place while moving the other lever in a downward motion be careful not to get the tube in between the tire. You are going to need the tube later on to check where the leak on your tube is to to determine the cause of the leak.

Check Your Tube For Leaks

This can be done by using a hand pump or a floor pump. Simply pump the tube until it is big like a tube that you use in the pool. Then slowly feel around the tube squeezing gently for the hole. Also listen for any hissing sounds this will also help in locating the hole. When you find your hole mark it with a pen or a marker if the hole is a tiny pin prick and hard to see.

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